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Are you looking for a GREAT tackle football experience?  

Then the Manassas Youth Football League is for you!!!  MYFL's Tackle program participates in the Fairfax County Youth Football League and offers the youth in the Western Prince William County area a chance to compete as part of one of the largest football league in the country!!!  As a member of the Fairfax County Youth Football League, the SHARKS play home games at Gainesville Middle School, Mayhew Park Football Fields and travel around Prince William, Fairfax and Loudon counties and compete against the best talent in Northern Virginia.
With the changing landscape of football in Prince William County, you can count on stability with the Sharks. Over the last three years clubs have folded and upstarts have come and gone leaving a lot of broken promises and children’s dreams.
Even better, the MYFL has a more structured age and weight matrix that take into account a combination of the player's age and weight for correct team placement.


Then please take a few minutes to look around our website or contact us by email