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Mayhew Park Regulations


There is NO SMOKING OR VAPING allowed in the football field area of Mayhew Park.  All smoking must be done in the gravel portion of the parking lot, as far away from the playing fields as possible.  This applies for practices and games.

Please park ONLY in designated areas.  Do not park on the side of the road at the entrance to Mayhew Park or you will be ticketed and possibly towed.  If the parking lot fills up, there is overflow parking available at the school next to Mayhew Park.  If you do use that parking area, please use the spaces on the east end of the lot closest to Mayhew Park

There are no dogs allowed at Mayhew during practices and games.  This is necessary for the safety of the participants and the animals.  There is alot of activity at Mayhew Park, especially on game days, and even the most tame dog may get aggravated or scared.  So please, leave the dogs at home.

There is NO alcohol of any type allowed at Mayhew Park.  The park is patrolled by park rangers and anyone with alcohol will be fined.

Please clean up after yourself when you leave the park