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Manassas Youth Football Weather Policy


Since we practice on grass fields, rain can effect practice and games.  Mayhew Park is part of the Prince William County Park Authorities field system and thefore, they will determine wether Mayhew Park is opened or closed for games.   The Park Authority announces field status everyday weekday at 3pm and on weekends at 7am.  If they announce any of the Mayhew fields are closed, practices or games will not take place.   The number for the field status is: 703-792-3281

Heat and Humidity

The MYFL will use the following policy to deal with the heat and humidity that will be a factor for August practices.

Please be aware, that the following policy is dictated by the FCYFL (Fairfax County Youth Football League) and not the National Weather Service.

IF the FCYFL issues a CODE RED - we will NOT hold any practices

IF the FCYFL issues a CODE ORANGE - we will not hold practices before 6:30 and no helmets and shoulder pads can be worn until 7:00pm if the heat index is BELOW 95 degrees. If the heat index is ABOVE 95 degrees and the FCYFL is on a CODE ORANGE, then no helmets or shoulder pads can be worn the entire practice.

Please note that the Commissioner or Vice Commissioner of the league can change this policy after checking conditions at Mayhew Park at the start of or during practice sessions.


If there is lightning anytime during practices or games, MYFL Officials and Coaches will clear the fields and advise parents and players to go to thier cars and wait 20 minutes to see if the lightning has cleard.  If the lightning does not clear in that period, Officials and Coaches will wait no more than two more 20 minute periods before cancelling activities for that day.

Cold Weather

Since the season runs into the end of October and into November, parents and players should be prepared to dress for cold conditions and come prepared for practice and games.  The league will practice and play in cold weather conditions, unless they are exteme.